Soothing Sunday: Breathe Fresh Air

With much of the world under some level of lock down, fresh air may sound like a near impossibility. Especially the case if you or someone in your house is ill and you’re not allowed to go outside right now. But you know what? Getting a breath of fresh air is still possible in most cases.

If you can’t go outside, open a window and leave it open for at least 30 minutes. It’ll freshen the air in your home and relieve some of the cabin fever. If you can go outside, wash your hands before and after, stay away from others, and you know that drill, but DO IT. Go out, stand under the bright burny thing in the sky!

You don’t have to be out for long. Even five or ten minutes done a couple of times a day will help. If you have a yard, you’re extra lucky. Get out there, prep to plant something new when the world is done rebooting its primary servers.

Have allergies? Man, do I know that mess. Basically, if it’s green and grows, I’m allergic. I’m also allergic to a list of animals (yep, including the kind I own), and alllll the household allergens. Take that allergy medicine and get a little air anyway if you can!

Let the air keep your mind open to the fact that there is still a world out there, beyond your home, beyond your fears, beyond the current crisis. Let it stir you and give you hope. Let yourself be uplifted and inspired.

(Then, if you’re an introverted homebody like me, you can go back inside, lock the doors and figure out what you haven’t watched on Netflix yet! XD )



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One thought on “Soothing Sunday: Breathe Fresh Air

  1. Another great and insightful blogpost. Thanks for sharing the importance of getting out or breathing in some fresh air, it does help the mood and one’s over-all being. P.S. It’s also a reminder for me to get some more time outside.


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