Motivational Monday: When This Is All Over

I was scrolling through Twitter and saw the hashtag #WhenThisIsAllOver trending. I don’t often look at trending hashtags, but this one caught my eye. I was glad to have read it.

So many people are making plans for what they want to do when they can freely leave home again, and some of these are just beautiful. Hugging friends, shaking hands, having a picnic, traveling to visit distant family, and I even saw one saying she’s moving back to be closer to her family. There’s also calls for political and social changes, things to protect these workers in our stores and supply chains, our medical providers, and our elderly.

People are looking at what they want to change and what they’ve missed the most, and I don’t know about anyone else, but that’s incredibly motivational! To take a time like this to reflect and plan for the future, to keep your eyes forward and focus on the reality that it will pass here, just as it did in China, that’s what motivation is.

I’ve been through a similar, though very individual process. Four years ago I was in a wheelchair and either in agonizing pain from my spine, or drugged up to the point I couldn’t even be trusted to roll myself across a room without falling asleep. I sat in that chair in my more coherent moments and stared at the walls. All I could see was that I’d been wasting my life. I’d wasted friendships, relationships, time, money, and worst of all, myself.

When I finally got a doctor who put me back on my feet, I came out of that chair with a vengeance. I got my degree. I repaired and restored relationships. I created new relationships. I worked on moving my life forward in every way. I never wanted another day where I lived with that level of regret again.

I think that is what people are experiencing with the lock downs and shifts that are happening around the world right now.

So, to motivate yourself right now, think about what you want to do #WhenThisIsAllOver

Make tangible plans. Don’t settle for “wouldn’t it be nice to…” This is the time to envision your future. What hasn’t been working? How can it change? What do you wish you had done and wonder if you might lose the chance? Did you always want to take an art class? Artists will be needing support during and after this mess. What about learning another language or other skill? Is there a certificate or degree that would move your life forward, start looking at what it’ll take.

We can do this. I’ve done it. You just have to make a plan. Nothing will happen without a plan. It starts by setting the goal. Then list the steps to get there. Check them off as you do it and it’s as easy as putting on your shoes. (Well, unless you’re me… I might fall over doing that if I don’t sit first…)

My list is somewhat short, but here’s what I have so far:

  • Travel to Kentucky and visit my youngest daughter, my son and his family. Maybe talk them into moving back to New Mexico. 😉
  • Hugging everyone until they turn blue. (I might even hug the coworkers I’m NOT close to!)
  • Having a writing day with my bestie where we sit in my place and just write and bounce things off one another.
  • Ride the stupid tram. No, I never have, despite living in Albuquerque so long.
  • Recover my physical strength. (Hadta put off physical therapy and I’m doing what I can on my own but bleh.)
  • Save for a better car. (She’s over 20 and still bravely pushing on, but yeah…)
  • Go camping with friends again.

What do you have on your list? No list yet? Start thinking and then post it where you can see it. Keep your eyes forward. There will be a future. Be ready to meet it!


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3 thoughts on “Motivational Monday: When This Is All Over

  1. Wonderful perspective and approach to take to this situation in looking forward and reflecting on how to do things a little differently. For myself, I would be more appreciative of my job, which gets me out of the house during the week; make plans with friends I haven’t seen in months and continue to stay more connected, and take better care of my health by eating more healthily and continuing to practice self-care.


  2. A huge gift. It’s amazing the sort of experiences and opportunities this situation is making us realize we all took for granted it before isn’t it… the connections we have with others and the opportunities to get out.


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