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Escaping Paradise: Salvation Triad : Book 1

Meet Alyssa Marks, a young woman fresh from college who is working on building a career as a graphic artist. Her life takes a surprising turn when she answers an ad for a temp agency and she meets the man of her dreams. They take their first vacation together, and Alyssa finds herself going head to head with the dangerous leader of a cult!

Chasing Freedom: Salvation Triad: Book 2

In the continuing Salvation Triad, Alyssa and Jon have joined forces with Allied Futures to bring down the cult, Cobalt. Before the group can organize, a new threat emerges when Joshua’s employers put a price on his head, driving he and his partner into hiding.

While working with the others to save Joshua and Alexander, Alyssa also finds herself conflicted. She gains powerful insights into the relationship between Jon – the man she fell in love with – and her growing attraction to his alter ego, Jonah – who brings her to a new world of sensation and emotion, daring her to overcome her fears.

Can Alyssa trust the man who once harmed her, or will he make her regret ever meeting him?

Claiming Salvation : The Salvation Triad : Book 3

Allied Futures turns its attention back to destroying the cult, Cobalt.
What no one anticipates is a sudden betrayal that leaves Alyssa in mortal danger.
How can they save her? Will they arrive in time?


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