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I’m a fiction author living in Albuquerque, NM with a calico ball of fluff named Mia and a homicidal shubunken named George. (Seriously, he ate his janitor.)

When I’m not writing, I spend time with friends, my daughter, and my grandson. Hobbies include crochet, singing, and all things anime. Favorite series include Sword Art Online, Clannad, D. Gray Man, and Attack on Titan. I also love singing and listening to music. I write to a variety of music with my current playlist being heavy on Imagine Dragons and Porter Robinson. I am a geek, a nerd, and a goof.

Growing up on Star Trek and being immersed in anime comes through in my writing. Nothing is ever black and white. People have problems, and how the problem is handled depends on the person and the people who support them.

My first trilogy is in the works. The first novel in the Salvation Triad, Escaping Paradise, is now available. The second book in the Salvation Triad, Chasing Freedom, is on track to release at the start of December. The final installment will be released in Summer 2019.

I write a variety of stories, crossing genres. Current projects include pop fiction, urban fantasy, fantasy, horror, and young adult stories.

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