Upcoming Works

Kambry is a prolific writer, and always has more stories coming. These will be released as they reach completion. If she hasn’t written something you like just yet, check back. She’s not likely to ever stick with a specific genre.

Here’s what’s coming:

Jason’s Story – Jason Blackstone is a self-made man who raised himself from poverty in a small, country town, to prominence in New York. He thought he’d achieved his goals, at least, until the day he remembered who he had intended to become. (Prequel to the Salvation Triad)

Half-Life of a Soul – Lauren Caldwell passes away at 77 only to find that not only is the afterlife nothing like she believed it would be, but her lover, Caleb, is a demon and now Heaven and Hell are hunting both of them as renegades. On top of everything, if they don’t find a home for Lauren’s soul before the half-life expires, a worse fate awaits her.

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