Soothing Sunday: Take a Soak

How long has it been since you simply stretched out in a tub and let the heat saturate your muscles? No timer, no need to wash, just soaking and relaxing?

Taking a good long soak is an art, or should be recognized as one.

It’s not just taking a bath. In fact, if you look at cultures where soaking is part of life, you’ll find they bathe and then soak. In many parts of the world, it’s a social event – people go to public bath houses and will even allow strangers to scrub their backs. That probably sounds odd to those of us from the US, where bathing is considered a necessary function and done privately.

Well, this time, do yourself a favor. Shower. Wash your hair. Shave if you’re going to. Then, wrap your head in a towel, rinse the tub, and fill it with nice hot water. Settle in with a good book, candles, music, or whatever else you like. Does bubble bath make you feel cozy? Bring it on! A bath bomb more your style? Use two!

When you eventually climb out of your watery cocoon, use a rich lotion all over your body. I prefer the ones that soak in and go on light, like oatmeal based lotion. Many will prefer scented lotions, and those are fine too! This step not only hydrates your skin. It can also help you carry the mental and emotional benefits of the whole process with you, whether you’re going to bed or back into the world.

I hope your soak is long, relaxing, and rejuvenating!

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