Self-Care Saturday: Enjoy a Hobby

I don’t think I know of anyone who doesn’t have a hobby, however neglected it may be.

Hobbies are so varied, and we have to admit we enjoy them or they wouldn’t catch our interest the way they do, right? But when life gets busy, they’re often the first thing to go. It’s too bad we don’t give our interests the value it deserves.

Did you know there are actual benefits to engaging in the things you enjoy doing?

Try these on for size!

  • A way to spark imagination, creativity, and learning.
  • Provide time for yourself.
  • Can become a way to engage socially.
  • Proven to reduce stress.
  • Physical hobbies like dancing, yoga, or swimming will keep you in shape.
  • Proven to make you more able to handle stress afterward.
  • Provide a safe space to explore your talents.
  • Can expand your boundaries if you engage in something new.
  • Keep a sense of passion alive inside.
  • Have the potential to provide added income.

That’s a stack of reasons to get into a hobby today! Better yet, did you know that as you learn a hobby, you’ll find yourself seeking it out when you need a break?

I practice calligraphy. I’m no master and never will be. I know when I’m stressed though, because I start itching to feel that pen in my hand again. I find myself browsing ink and nibs online. Or, if I’m extra stressed, I yank out the old fountain pen and just start doodling random letters and decorating them. I’m enough of an amateur to need all my focus when I write, and that’s exactly how I get myself away from feeling wound up and stressed.

Think about something you used to enjoy. Jump back into it. Take that time for yourself. You deserve it!

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