Self-Care Saturday: Hire It Out

The majority of my self-care posts are things you can do without spending any money. That isn’t changing. For today, we’re going to look at this way to take care of yourself.

It has been a long week. Life has just run you ragged. You need a break. The calendar says it’s the weekend but you’ve got 4 days worth of things that have to get done and 2 days to do them.

Stop and look around, make a list of what you need to do, and see if you can hire any of it out. It’s not a new thing, but, there are ways to make it happen.

Have a friend who is hurting for money? Hire them first!

Neighbor has a pre-teen/teen boy who can push your mower? Ask the parents if they’re okay with you hiring him this weekend and then ask him.

If you don’t have those options, here are some places you can check to find help.

Dog walking services.

Laundromats that offer wash and fold.

Maid service (if you planned ahead).

Lawn Care services.

Grocery delivery (instead of going to the store yourself).

Anything delivery if it saves you from having to drive around, is cost effective (not paying more for the delivery than you would for your own time and gas), and can get what you need to your door.

If it seems wasteful, let me ask; do you get your nails done? Do you pay for a haircut?

Even hiring someone for childcare so you can handle tasks without interruptions is completely acceptable.

The point of hiring something out is to either remove a chore from your list, or make that chore easier to do.

For example, this morning, I have to do some rearranging in my home. The dog is going to lose her mind. I can barely move stuff to vacuum without her having a 3 day meltdown on me. (Pretty sure she was abandoned when someone moved.) So, rather than have her nervously creeping from room to room and trying to slide around me like I’m going to beat her, I’m sending her out for a walk. I could kennel her, but this serves each of us. She gets some fun time outdoors and I get the work done.

I have, in the past, hired friends to help with housework when I wasn’t physically able to do it myself. When I was able, I hired a neighbor to help me work on my car. I needed more strength to tighten a part into place, so I knocked on a neighbor’s door, explained what I needed and offered him some cash for it. He got a little money, I got the *censored* part into place!

Also, if you’re looking at hiring friends and you’re tight on funds, *sometimes* you can get them to help on a trade. They’ll watch your kids for a few hours today if you’ll take theirs tomorrow. They’ll help you get your lawn in shape this weekend if you’ll help with theirs next weekend.

Everyone needs an extra hand or two now and then. Besides, asking for help is good self-care!

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