Soothing Sunday: Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is a difficult day. Yes, you read that right. Not all women who want to be a mother have been able to become one.

Some women who did not want to be a mother have become one.

Some people had mothers they wish they didn’t have.

Some mothers have lost their children.

Some mothers have immense guilt over children who grew up and chose the wrong way in life.

So, what can we do about it? Several things, actually, and not all of them take a great deal of effort.

If you know someone who hasn’t been able to have children, give them a hug and ask how they’re doing today. Listen to them. Give them support. Thank them for having the heart of a mother.

If you know someone who has children but hadn’t planned that for themselves, offer to take their kids for a bit. Give them a chance to recharge and get in touch with themselves again.

Was your mother someone who shouldn’t have been trusted to raise a houseplant? Give yourself some mothering today. Whether that means loving yourself a little, or finding an older female friend who fills that role for you.

Have you or someone you know lost a child? Honor that loss, and that being a mother didn’t end where that life did.

Help the mother who watched their child go the wrong way by reinforcing that it wasn’t her fault. Children can be raised by the best parents ever and still make choices that turn things on end and it is NOT the parents’ fault.

Be aware of the complexities of life in those around you. On this day when we celebrate mothers, act in compassion. It will soothe your soul and the hearts and souls of others.

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