Writing Wednesday

Here we are, the first Writing Wednesday post! Every Wednesday I will post about my own writing journey, or about things related to writing such as tools, blogs and books I like, and so on.

For this post, I want to cheer a bit.

I’m able to write again!

One of my friends gifted me a copy of Dragon Naturally Speaking for Christmas last year, and it has helped incredibly. It gave me a way to do at least some writing. The software is not as easy as it might seem though, and learning new skills while combating chronic pain is a slow process. I’m still going to use the software. It would be horrible not to! But I can also just type again, and that does go faster for me for now. I hope I can get good enough with the software to just use it out of preference.

While working in Dragon, one of the things I managed was to complete a few character sketches for the Half-Life series. One piece is a bit of back story for one of the secondary characters. It tells how the angel Lucifer met his human wife. I really like how the opening went, and I think that in the time I wasn’t able to write, I developed as a writer.

It certainly goes against the “write every day” chants that writers must face, but I think not writing made me spend more time thinking about what I wanted to say and how I wanted to say it.

Anyway, here’s the opening of that sample, just to share an idea of how my writing has progressed. I hope you like the imagery.

Then Cain went out from the presence of the Lord and dwelt in the land of Nod, on the east of Eden.

Genesis 4:16

     Lucifer meandered along the contours of the dense forest where it gave way to seed-bearing grasses forming a thick blanket of green and gold over the gentle slopes of the broad valley. As much as he enjoyed the grandeur of the meticulously sculpted realms of Heaven, these places carried a profound sense of tranquility he had not encountered anywhere else. In fact, it was because of this contentment he had asked to be assigned this region, watching over the people who had taken in Cain, the son of Adam.


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