Marketing self-published books

I want to make clear, this is my first rodeo. I haven't marketed a book before. I've spent hours over the last several months researching how to do it though. I keep seeing posts about how books aren't selling and asking what to do about it. This will sound rough, and I apologize. I don't… Continue reading Marketing self-published books


I'm so excited about the impending release of Escaping Paradise.  One thing I can't wait to do is share the dedication for this book.  It has been 20 years in the making. I'm going to wait until sales open though.  It's kind of like waiting until a birthday to open a present. 6/4/18 Are you… Continue reading Anticipation


Writers should keep a blooper reel, just for the sake of humility. I've groaned and laughed at myself many times while writing Escaping Paradise. I'm already starting to need a list for the next book Chasing Freedom. It has been suggested that I can add a page at the end of each book to share… Continue reading Outtakes