Escaping Paradise Interview

KOB 4 Morning Show Interview 8-13-18 I had my interview for Escaping Paradise this morning!  (5:30 is morning, though I'm not sure about it being human.  How those anchors look so peppy will forever be a mystery!) Curious to know more?  Click the link on the title, or head over to Amazon and grab a… Continue reading Escaping Paradise Interview

Chasing Freedom Preview

Chasing Freedom is the second book of the Salvation Triad, following Escaping Paradise. Alyssa's fight to free Jon from the seductive hold of Cobalt continues. She must now also contend with his other personality, Jonah. Enjoy this preview from Chapter 1.

Book Trailer: Escaping Paradise

Find out more about Escaping Paradise, the hot new novel from author Kambry Ellis! Available on Amazon in paperback and ebook!

Signed Copies of Escaping Paradise!

Want a signed copy of Escaping Paradise but don't live local? Here's how to get one! 1) Order a copy and ship it to: Kambry Ellis PO Box 93173 Albuquerque, NM 87199 2) Go to my Ko-Fi ( and drop the payment for shipping from Albuquerque, NM to you. If you want to drop anything… Continue reading Signed Copies of Escaping Paradise!

Escaping Paradise Character Review: Michael Blackstone

A member of the charity group, Allied Futures, Michael Blackstone is a wealthy corporate heir.  His father, Jason Blackstone, built up Blackstone Industries in New York City.  (More about Jason in Jason's Story.) After a few years working with his father, Jason traveled across the country to open a new base of operations for the… Continue reading Escaping Paradise Character Review: Michael Blackstone

Escaping Paradise Character Review: Jon Carter

Jon Carter is 23.  He meets Alyssa while working as a recruiter for a temp agency.  When the temp agency vanishes, Alyssa reaches out to him for information.  They admit an interest in getting to know one another and begin to spend time together. As the attraction grows, Jon finds a new job, but taking… Continue reading Escaping Paradise Character Review: Jon Carter