Soothing Sunday: Textures

There are certain textures, and this is highly individual, that provoke a reaction from each of us. Some people like the feel of a feather, a certain fabric, a squishy ball… others prefer the weight of a stone, the shock of ice against warm skin, or the pressure of a massage setting in a shower. A simple, soothing practice you can use anywhere, and at literally any time, is to take note of textures, especially the ones that calm you the most.

For me, one way I take advantage of the power of texture is to have a microfiber steering wheel cover. When I encounter an anxious moment while driving, I can just “pet” the steering wheel and the anxiety doesn’t get a chance to take hold.

The great thing about using texture to soothe yourself is that no one ever notices what you’re doing. A stone in your pocket, or a slip of fabric, a bracelet, a certain jacket you wear often, literally anything can be that texture you use to self-soothe.

Take a few minutes today and find a soothing texture. Think about how to carry it with you and start the practice of having an incredible tool at hand any time.

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