Motivational Monday: Try Again

Yes, you read that right. If you’re waiting for your sign from the universe, I’m pleased to tell you it’s here. That thing you gave up on, that thing you wish you’d done? You still can, even if you failed. Try again.

There’s a catch to trying again, a couple of catches actually, but stay with me.First, there is a reason you tried and failed. There might even be more than one reason. You have to find those reasons. I can promise you that blaming anyone else isn’t going to help.

Business partner turn on you? Friend fail to keep a promise? Boss fired you out of nowhere?

Blaming others will only keep you from building a better plan. Outside of anything determined by anyone else, what did you do that led to the failed attempt?

Second, you have to figure out how NOT to make those same mistakes again. That’s harder to do. When I released my first book, I made mistakes all over the place. (No I won’t share the gory details in this post.) I made fewer in the release of the second book. By the time I go to release the new series, I’ll get to make all new mistakes! Er… wait… actually it’s meant to be a flawless launch, not a new learning opportunity. That’s why it’s not happening tomorrow.

Third, you need to make a plan that draws on the experience of those who have been successful.

If you want to build a wheel, I can tell you how they work, what shape they take, and roughly how many spokes they should have. If you want a wheel that meets your specifications, you speak to someone who designs them. You’ll want someone who knows what weight they carry, what materials to use, how much air pressure it needs, and so on.

Find the success story you want to follow. Memorize it until you can breathe it as easily as oxygen. Get to know the person who found success on that path, and others who have used the same path. Learn directly from those who have mastered it.

Lastly, practice, but remember, practice doesn’t make perfect. Perfect practice makes perfect. Once more, let those who succeeded before you be the guides who can tell you how to practice perfectly. If your goal is to learn cross stitch, don’t learn from me. I can’t manage it! Find someone who knows it well and learn from them. They’ll tell you where you make a mistake and how to avoid it.

Whatever your goal, don’t let one failure be the end of your dreaming. You can try again, and by learning from your mistakes, and the success of others, you can do it.

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