Soothing Sunday: Journaling

Locking in all your thoughts and feelings is a sure way to feel overwhelmed and stressed out. Journaling is a fantastic way to get things out of your head. Whether you do it on a computer, your phone, or write in a notebook, journaling is a method to spark creativity, reflect, or simply record events to look back on. There are many ways to approach journaling. Personally, I like to sit down with a notebook and pen and just allow my mind to wander freely, which is the classical view of using a journal. Sometimes a journal entry can spark a new story idea, resolve a sticky point in a plot, or even lead me to write a new piece of poetry.

Other options include:

  • Bullet
  • Prayer
  • Dream
  • Travel
  • Reading
  • Idea
  • Workout
  • Poetry

Each type of journal has a different function, but really, the neat thing about journaling is that you can use one type, or mix and match. Maybe you record your workout one day, have thoughts about something your read another day, and want to record an interesting dream – you don’t have to have a different journal for each, you can use just one and switch up as needed.

Admittedly, if you don’t like writing down your thoughts, this will be less soothing. That just means you’ll have a different way of sorting your thoughts and recording events. Don’t feel like you must journal just because others do!

If you do like to write things out, what type of journal do you use the most? How does it help you unwind?



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