From Disaster to Dreams

I checked Facebook this morning to find the "memory" they presented me was about one of the most horrible days of my life. It was two years ago. My life has changed so dramatically since then, it's almost too much to take in. Two years ago, I went to my car and opened the door.… Continue reading From Disaster to Dreams

About That Dedication

I included the following dedication in Escaping Paradise. For my Grandmother, who always believed, and Piers Anthony, who told a young woman she had the talent to pursue her dreams. Growing up, my Grandmother was the one who always encouraged me to write, and who shared what she knew about writing so that mine improved. … Continue reading About That Dedication

I Knew I Loved You

Just a poem I finished this morning.  Hope everyone enjoys it! I heard your name I saw your face Your voice pierced my abandoned heart I knew I loved you then     The darkness fell Demons arose Preying on my mind In fear I was all alone Could not close my eyes I lay… Continue reading I Knew I Loved You