Marketing self-published books

I want to make clear, this is my first rodeo. I haven’t marketed a book before. I’ve spent hours over the last several months researching how to do it though.

I keep seeing posts about how books aren’t selling and asking what to do about it. This will sound rough, and I apologize. I don’t want to seem arrogant because a year ago I knew none of this.

First, I’ve checked out various author’s names when I saw the complaints. I just ran a quick google search for their name. I’m sad to say, none of them pulled up anything at all related to books or publishing.

Folks, that’s not going to work. If you google Kambry Ellis, you will find that I’ve taken over the first page of search results. Two months ago I was halfway down the page and had one result.

So here’s my master plan for taking over the… wait, wrong plan…

Here’s what I’m doing to start marketing Escaping Paradise before I even open preorders.

1) Facebook: I set up my author page. I had friends like the page. I joined writers groups and am steadily working on beating the Facebook formula by swapping likes. I post to it and respond quickly to comments.

2) Twitter: This one is growing slowly but it’s there. I’m a novice to Twitter so I’m learning still. Mostly I’m looking in tags like #amwriting and #amediting for interesting people to follow. I like posts and comment and try to get some interaction going.

3) This site: I paid for the domain and started setting up an online home. I’ve posted a bio, WIP info and am working out a schedule for posting.

4) Ko-fi: Give your fans a chance to help. They’ll do it! allows small donations to be made, so it’s a good idea.

5) Patreon: I’m working on this one. Right now I opened up access to my Discord server for anyone who follows me by June 30, no subscription required.

6) Discord: This is a chat service that works on mobile and on computers. It’s a phenomenal tool for letting people interact with you directly, in real time. Schedule a chat and hang with fans, it’s a blast.

7) Press kit: put one together for everything you release and use it!

8) My next step is to approach every local paper and news outlet with that press kit and ask if they want to do an interview. Local papers love this stuff! Especially the indy papers! It’s a way to get the news out without paying.

9) On the topic of advertising, yes, pay for Facebook ads. Pay for the Twitter ads. Do what you can with whatever budget you have. I’m not loaded. My advertising budget is literally $30/mo.

One other thing is learning how to handle tags. I’m going to admit, I’m kinda slow at this part. I’m working on it, but I can say that when I tag posts with everything under the sun, I get noticed. Tag, tag until you can’t tag anything more. Use the analytics on Facebook, Twitter and wherever you put your main site. Watch what tags get attention and what don’t.

Lastly, post consistently. Get a publishing schedule and stick to it like your life depends on it.

Now, Escaping Paradise goes on preorder June 4. I can’t promise that any of this will lead to success in sales. The research I’ve done says it will if I keep my foot on the pedal and don’t let up.

Watch and see. I’ll post about what does and doesn’t work. But you have to at least try.


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