Dear Railworkers of America (the workers, not the union)

I just saw that a bill was signed to make it illegal for you folks to strike. I’m so angry on your behalf I can’t see straight.

You have a UNION. How in the bloody hells are you paying for membership in a union that can’t even get sick days for you?

This is exactly why I hate unions. They lie to their members so freaking hard while making money and screwing over the workers.

That aside, I think you should strike anyway. You folks have this nation by the short and curly. That’s power. Use it. Fire the leaders in the union, all of them, and don’t go back to work until you have decent conditions.

What are decent conditions?

I get 10 hrs of paid time off every payday after 9 yrs with this company (non union). That time is sick, personal, and vacation combined. That’s 32 days per year. You can start there.

Then there’s your benefits. I’m willing to bet they aren’t as good as my non union job. I pay $10-20/prescription, $150/ER visit, $20/Dr visit. I also only pay 20% for outpatient medical and not much more if I end up hospitalized.

You folks strike. Make sure formula and diapers get through. Babies need to be cared for. The rest of us will live. We’ve handled supply disruption since the start of the pandemic, and we can do it again. It’s unpleasant, but what you’re dealing with is inhumane.

Do it.

Drop these rich bastards to their knees.


Someone who is sick of watching corporate America and corrupt, self-serving politicians on both sides.

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