Chasing Freedom Preview

Chasing Freedom is the second book of the Salvation Triad, following Escaping Paradise. Alyssa's fight to free Jon from the seductive hold of Cobalt continues. She must now also contend with his other personality, Jonah. Enjoy this preview from Chapter 1.

Signed Copies of Escaping Paradise!

Want a signed copy of Escaping Paradise but don't live local? Here's how to get one! 1) Order a copy and ship it to: Kambry Ellis PO Box 93173 Albuquerque, NM 87199 2) Go to my Ko-Fi ( and drop the payment for shipping from Albuquerque, NM to you. If you want to drop anything… Continue reading Signed Copies of Escaping Paradise!

Writing with PTSD

I'm writing this post in part to try and help myself.  I also recognize that it may help someone else.  Living with PTSD is a freaking mess.  It's worse when something triggers the anxiety, depression, self-loathing, and all the other messy symptoms. (warning, not gonna censor my language on this one) I grew up in… Continue reading Writing with PTSD

I Knew I Loved You

Just a poem I finished this morning.  Hope everyone enjoys it! I heard your name I saw your face Your voice pierced my abandoned heart I knew I loved you then     The darkness fell Demons arose Preying on my mind In fear I was all alone Could not close my eyes I lay… Continue reading I Knew I Loved You

Discord : Open-access!

Just a quick reminder that my #Discord server access is FREE with a page follow on #Patreon until 6/30. Join me and hang out while I launch #EscapingParadise and work on #ChasingFreedom! To join, use the link below and just click follow. Hope to meet you soon! Kambry Ellis on Patreon

New followers

First, thank you, and welcome! Second, most of you started following me after I posted that I'd send out a preview of Escaping Paradise to new followers.  If you want the preview, please clock the "Follow This Blog via eMail" option and shoot me your email address.  I will not use email addresses provided to… Continue reading New followers