Motivational Monday: Don’t Beg For a Seat

I saw a post on LinkedIn, and of course the feed refreshed so I didn’t get to read it and can’t link it. The caption caught me though.

“Don’t beg for a seat when you can build your own table.”

Just wow, right?

I think about the times I’ve begged for a seat. They range from family and friends to work and goals. I didn’t get that seat when I begged, or if I did, it was uncomfortable and didn’t quite fit.

I think about the times I’ve built my own table, and how quickly it fills up, not to mention how much joy comes with it.

Do you do that to yourself too? Do you try hard to fit in where you don’t truly belong? Do you seek the approval and recognition you deserve from people who don’t deliver it?

The fact is, we can each build our own table. Whether it’s found family, a new career path, a fulfilling relationship, or whatever else we’re looking for.

What does your table look like? What does it serve? Who is welcome and who is not?

Now, go build your own table. No one who is worth your time will ever make you beg for a seat in the first place.

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