Escaping Paradise Launch Review

It’s the end of the month. Escaping Paradise had its official launch on the 11th, and I have some exciting news to share!

Thank you, all of you, who bought the book already! 22 copies, shipping even beyond US borders! I can’t even begin to properly express how amazed I am! When the book went up for sale, I sincerely figured that if I sold 10, I’d call it a decent start. Twenty-two… 22… ebook and paperback. You’ve made my debut novel, and debut launch, a success beyond expectation!
Second, I have the most amazing news, and I’ve just been waiting to share it.
Piers Anthony, the author I named in my dedication and mentioned in previous posts, wrote a review of Escaping Paradise for me. I’m going to be sharing it shortly. Check back on Monday to see what he had to say. I’m crazy excited about it! It’s not every day you hold out your work to your one-time mentor and (still) idol of your craft, and have them tell you that you’ve done well!
Third, I’ve started getting pictures of people with copies of Escaping Paradise. I’ll be sharing those around, because I think it’s the neatest thing ever. If you’d like, feel free to send me a picture of yourself with your copy! If you got it as an ebook, just pull up the cover or the title page on your device and send with that. If you do NOT want to have the picture shared, just say so and I’ll keep it where **no one will ever know!!!**  You can email me at
Chasing Freedom is still on target for launch in December, and I hope to meet many more of you as that time draws near. Never hesitate to send me a message or reply to a post. I’ve loved talking to those of you who’ve spoken to me.
Thank you again, everyone, for making me feel like my dreams are actually coming true. I owe you the world and promise to always send you the best possible story I can put together!
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