Half-Life of a Soul

Lauren Caldwell has lived alone since her divorce at 38. At least, as far as anyone else knew, she lived alone. Her life is shared with Caleb, a man who came into her life when she was 48. Now 77, Lauren passes away suddenly, only to find out that the afterlife, and Caleb, are not what she thought they were.

Hunted by Heaven and Hell, Lauren and Caleb search for a safe haven.  How can they survive and find a home before the half-life of Lauren’s soul runs out?

Book 1 of this 5 book series is undergoing revisions and editing after having received feedback from my amazing beta team!

Book 2 is currently being drafted.

I’ve decided to begin sharing the side stories, back stories, and more in my newsletter. These will be exclusive to newsletter subscribers. As a teaser, I’ll share the opening paragraph of book 1. (Book titles will be decided at a later time.)

Had anyone peered through the windows of Lauren Caldwell’s home, they would have quickly become bored and wandered away. The evening routines of an elderly woman who appeared to live alone were of no particular interest to the world. Some might have been concerned if they didn’t see her for a few days, but lives of courteous disinterest were the norm in the crowded, suburban landscape. Even neighbors who waved when she was in the yard dismissed her habit of carrying on a one-sided conversation in gentle tones as old age, if noticed at all. They’d never suspected she spoke with someone more invisible than herself.

Kambry Ellis – Half-life of a Soul: Book 1

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