Chasing Freedom : Chapter 8 teaser!

“That’s right, and he’s not going to do anything! He’s going to go home and go to college, and have a normal life! Diana took that option away from me, and my brother, and who knows who else. I’m not letting you do the ….” His voice choked and he looked like someone had just… Continue reading Chasing Freedom : Chapter 8 teaser!

Catching up!

I've been insanely busy this month!  I had the interview on the 3rd, and since then I've been racing along on Chasing Freedom.  The beta readers have sent in feedback for the first 8 chapters and those changes are in.  They'll be getting chapters 9 and 10 tonight. I've written through to chapter 15.  The… Continue reading Catching up!

Discord : Open-access!

Just a quick reminder that my #Discord server access is FREE with a page follow on #Patreon until 6/30. Join me and hang out while I launch #EscapingParadise and work on #ChasingFreedom! To join, use the link below and just click follow. Hope to meet you soon! Kambry Ellis on Patreon