Chasing Freedom: Chapter 9 Teaser

Alyssa missed her quiet mornings where she went for her run before having to face the world.  When this was over, she was taking a vacation, maybe to northern Alaska, in winter, so she wouldn’t have to have mornings for a few weeks. “Grumpy?” he smirked at her.  He didn’t look grumpy.  He looked like… Continue reading Chasing Freedom: Chapter 9 Teaser

Chasing Freedom Preview

Chasing Freedom is the second book of the Salvation Triad, following Escaping Paradise. Alyssa's fight to free Jon from the seductive hold of Cobalt continues. She must now also contend with his other personality, Jonah. Enjoy this preview from Chapter 1.

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Writers should keep a blooper reel, just for the sake of humility. I've groaned and laughed at myself many times while writing Escaping Paradise. I'm already starting to need a list for the next book Chasing Freedom. It has been suggested that I can add a page at the end of each book to share… Continue reading Outtakes