Chasing Freedom: Chapter 14 Teaser

“You’re awfully calm for a man who has just agreed to engage in attempting to extort the people who invented the term,” Alexander remarked. “Oh, I don’t plan on using extortion, unless we have to. I’d much rather have a nice quiet business deal that ends with everyone parting peacefully.” “Not great odds on that,”… Continue reading Chasing Freedom: Chapter 14 Teaser

Chasing Freedom: Chapter 13 Teaser

“Give me your hand,” Thomas said, seeing Jon’s hesitance. He didn’t wait but lifted Jon’s hand instead. “Make a fist.” When Jon had closed his fingers, Thomas bumped his fist against Jon’s and smiled. “There, now we’re family.” Jon looked at his hand as if he were waiting for it to wither. “Family?” “Yep. There’s… Continue reading Chasing Freedom: Chapter 13 Teaser

Free Short Story!

I have a short story that will be released on Halloween FOR FREE! Mercurial Echo is a Twilight Zone-esque story about Maddy, a young woman who finds a compact mirror in a thrift shop. What she sees in the mirror confuses and frightens her. What will she do?

Chasing Freedom: Chapter 10 Teaser

Chasing Freedom: Chapter 10 Teaser Alyssa’s head was a mess. Apollo said she was in love with Jonah. Jonah said he was in love with her. She had thought she was accepting that Jonah was in love with her, but now, with what Apollo said… “Is that why my heart felt like it flipped last… Continue reading Chasing Freedom: Chapter 10 Teaser

Chasing Freedom: Chapter 9 Teaser

Alyssa missed her quiet mornings where she went for her run before having to face the world.  When this was over, she was taking a vacation, maybe to northern Alaska, in winter, so she wouldn’t have to have mornings for a few weeks. “Grumpy?” he smirked at her.  He didn’t look grumpy.  He looked like… Continue reading Chasing Freedom: Chapter 9 Teaser

Fan Club Gift Basket Giveaway Full Reveal!

To celebrate launching the Kambry Ellis fan club by gathering 50 fans in less than a month, the gift basket giveaway drawing will now be for TWO gift baskets! Here’s what you’ll find inside if you’re one of the lucky winners! The USB drive is 32 GB and the heart charger is compatible with Android… Continue reading Fan Club Gift Basket Giveaway Full Reveal!

Chasing Freedom : Chapter 8 teaser!

“That’s right, and he’s not going to do anything! He’s going to go home and go to college, and have a normal life! Diana took that option away from me, and my brother, and who knows who else. I’m not letting you do the ….” His voice choked and he looked like someone had just… Continue reading Chasing Freedom : Chapter 8 teaser!

Chasing Freedom: Ch 6 Teaser

“Too… slow…” she gasped.  “Jon, please!” she cried out, feeling his body press tightly against hers as he reached his limit. “No,” he finally answered.  He rocked his body to the side and Alyssa’s back bent at the feel of him moving inside her.   See more in December when Chasing Freedom will be available… Continue reading Chasing Freedom: Ch 6 Teaser


EDIT! A tablet has been found and is on the way!  Thanks to everyone for sharing! I wish I was making enough from my writing that I could just handle this on my own, but I'm not yet.  So, I'm looking for help. My youngest daughter has been suffering from seizures and anxiety for a… Continue reading Fundraiser

Chasing Freedom : CH 5 Preview

Alyssa realized he was playing with her and didn’t know how to handle that idea.  His hobby seemed to be pushing buttons.  He really enjoyed pushing her buttons.  “I kind of liked the way he pushes my buttons,” Alyssa thought to herself.  The thought made her smile. “Oh? What was that?” he asked. “Oh, uh,… Continue reading Chasing Freedom : CH 5 Preview