Escaping Paradise

Escaping Paradise is the first book in the Salvation Triad and is currently available in ebook and paperback at Amazon.

From the cover:

Meet Alyssa Marks, a young woman fresh from college who is working on building a career as a graphic artist. Her life takes a surprising turn when she answers an ad for a temp agency and she meets the man of her dreams. They take their first vacation together, and Alyssa finds herself going head to head with the dangerous leader of a cult!

Review by Piers Anthony:

“a hard-hitting novel” and “a Romance on steroids”

Testimonials from beta readers: 

“I absolutely love this series!”

“I love how you made the relationships with
everyone and how you go in depth
with how the characters feel and act.”

“Thank you for hooking me thoroughly to this series!”

“I spent two hours binge reading this!
What an amazing story.
I love it so much.”

“…so much on your toes drama, and you write it so well…”

“I honestly didn’t know what to expect after the
first few chapters, but holy hell, you’ve kept me on
my toes and always guessing.”

Testimonials from fans:

“… After finishing the first chapter I can say
I’m in love! You did an excellent job!”

“I love it. I’m reading it e-book so I can see how
much I have left.
I’m sad it’s nearing the end.
(Followed by this after reading)
I bought a physical copy. kindle unlimited
let me read it for free but I
decided to buy the physical book.”

“You’ll get hooked with how relatable Alyssa
is to yourself, with her quirky ‘having-none-of-this’

“This book grabbed my attention
in just a few pages and didn’t
let go. It was so much more
than I expected it to be.”

“A small chance to just do something on the
side and it turned into one of the most
extravagent romances I
have had the pleasure of engaging in!”



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