Soothing Sunday: Let it out!

Do you, like me, swallow your feelings so hard they never get a chance to come out until they explode?

We both know that’s a really bad habit with a whole boatload of trouble that will eventually unload on us, right?

So, today, let’s practice not doing that, but in ways that are healthy. Let’s find a way to let it out and use that internal space for something better.… Read More Soothing Sunday: Let it out!

Soothing Sunday: Touch Deprivation and Isolation

I’m sure many reading this are like me, fully isolated, or close to it, and living alone. It creates the perfect environment for touch deprivation to set in. Touch deprivation is a real issue because physical contact with others relieves stress, releases hormones that improve mood, creates bonding experiences, and so much more. Humans need… Read More Soothing Sunday: Touch Deprivation and Isolation