Chasing Freedom: Chapter 23 Teaser

Michael pursed his lips and opened the box. Everyone watched as he pulled out a large basket constructed of woven rags in gaudy colors. He gave Hannah a confused look as he set it on the table. Tied to the handle was an envelope. He opened it and read a handwritten letter, several pages long,… Continue reading Chasing Freedom: Chapter 23 Teaser

Chasing Freedom: Chapter 22 Teaser

With his shoulders slumped, Michael kept his eyes on the floor but made his way to sit beside Alyssa. They sat in silence for several minutes before he raked his fingers through his wet hair and groaned, “I can’t believe how fucked that went. Everything was fine, and then, then it just wasn’t.”   Remember,… Continue reading Chasing Freedom: Chapter 22 Teaser

Chasing Freedom: Chapter 20 Teaser

At first, Apollo spoke of the production he had been practicing for and the new alterations in the costumes. After the stove was clean though, he stood near Alyssa, watching her for a moment before speaking again. “So you’ve figured it out?” he asked. Surprised, Alyssa looked up. “Figured what out?” “That you’re in love… Continue reading Chasing Freedom: Chapter 20 Teaser

Chasing Freedom: Chapter 19 Teaser

Michael took a deep breath and leaned onto his desk. When he spoke, his determination relayed itself to the room in his low tones and slow speech. “I want you to do whatever it takes to make sure we get out of there alive. I am quite completely free of concern for the lives of… Continue reading Chasing Freedom: Chapter 19 Teaser

Chasing Freedom: Chapter 18 Teaser

As soon as she was alone with Alyssa, Hannah muttered, “You’d think a grown man could manage to flirt without acting like a twelve-year-old.” “You think he’s flirting?” Hannah chuckled, swapping out the coffee mugs and starting the second cup. “Oh, yes, he’s flirting. Did you see that shit-eating grin?” She snorted softly. “Well, let’s… Continue reading Chasing Freedom: Chapter 18 Teaser

Chasing Freedom: Chapter 17 Teaser

“It doesn’t matter to me if it’s Jon or Jonah that comes through this. What matters is that he has the chance to get the help he needs. I’m not smart enough to be a counselor or whatever. I’m smart enough to see when someone needs help, though. I’ll never leave anyone in that kind… Continue reading Chasing Freedom: Chapter 17 Teaser

Chasing Freedom: Chapter 16 Teaser

She gathered their plates and leaned over Jonah’s shoulder. She leaned in close enough her lips almost brushed his earlobe. “If you want to, consider our agreement expanded,” Alyssa whispered, careful to ensure that Joshua wouldn’t hear her. “Helping is helping, after all.” Jonah froze, sputtered, and turned slowly in his chair to face her.… Continue reading Chasing Freedom: Chapter 16 Teaser

Chasing Freedom: Chapter 15 Teaser

"Thank you, Alex,” Hannah said after [the table] was settled safely along the wall. “And I could have lifted it, but I appreciate not having to.” “Call me any time,” he winked, “Ma’am.” “Oh, you won’t like what I call you if you don’t stop calling me Ma’am,” she threatened with a laugh.   Remember,… Continue reading Chasing Freedom: Chapter 15 Teaser

Chasing Freedom: Chapter 14 Teaser

“You’re awfully calm for a man who has just agreed to engage in attempting to extort the people who invented the term,” Alexander remarked. “Oh, I don’t plan on using extortion, unless we have to. I’d much rather have a nice quiet business deal that ends with everyone parting peacefully.” “Not great odds on that,”… Continue reading Chasing Freedom: Chapter 14 Teaser