Book Trailer: Escaping Paradise

Find out more about Escaping Paradise, the hot new novel from author Kambry Ellis! Available on Amazon in paperback and ebook!

Pre-orders are open!

Pre-orders for Escaping Paradise are now open!  Official sales open 6/11!   Pricing and details below the cut! What's it about? Meet Alyssa Marks, a young woman fresh from college who is working on building a career as a graphic artist. Her life takes a surprising turn when she answers an ad for a temp agency… Continue reading Pre-orders are open!


I'm so excited about the impending release of Escaping Paradise.  One thing I can't wait to do is share the dedication for this book.  It has been 20 years in the making. I'm going to wait until sales open though.  It's kind of like waiting until a birthday to open a present. 6/4/18 Are you… Continue reading Anticipation

Pre-Order and Release News

Escaping Paradise will be available for pre-order on Amazon as both eBook and paperback starting June 4.  Pricing details will be released at that time. Want a preview? Sign up on the mailing list by clicking "Follow Blog via eMail" and you'll get a copy of the first two chapters in your email! (I will… Continue reading Pre-Order and Release News