Therapy Tuesday: Art Therapy – Part 1

In addition to the major types of therapy I’ve been writing about, there’s offshoots that combine therapy with other mediums. Many people may be familiar with the use of play therapy with children.

Children and adults benefit from art therapy in a variety of ways. It’s helpful when traditional therapies are failing as art becomes a medium for understanding the self and the emotions hiding beneath the surface.

This form of therapy has suffered from a misuse of its name in recent years. Some will label coloring books as art therapy, or the many adult painting classes held for a single evening. While these formats may have benefits, they’re not truly art therapy.

An art therapist has the ability to diagnose and treat a variety of issues ranging from depression to helping an autistic child process emotions and thoughts.

Next week I’ll start digging into how exactly all of that works. It has been an interesting field for me to research, and I think you’ll find the series interesting as well.




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