Motivational Monday: Be thankful for the day

While I was having my “vacation” I had a terrifying few days. My daughter-in-law went in for a routine surgery, was sent home, and then was taken by life-flight to the hospital that night. She almost died.

She’s out of immediate danger for the moment, though still in the hospital while they make sure she’s truly safe to go home.

It reminded me that we aren’t promised any single day on this planet. We aren’t even promised we’ll finish this one and let it blur into the ones we had before.

So, today, be thankful you’re here, and then decide what you’re going to do with your time.

Will you use it for some self-care? Will you take that scary step in your career? Will you spend it with someone you love?

Whatever you do, be thankful you woke up and treasure the fact that you have the day to do the things you want and need to do.

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