Top Skills Thursday: Add some grey

No matter how open-minded and understanding we want to be, there are always times when we see the world in black and white.

Failure, being in need, not producing things, not working on yourself every single day… all are “bad.”

Success, having more than enough of what you need, having a hustle… all are “good.”

Wait, says who?

Ah, society, that vague, nebulous voice that finds arguing over whether to put pineapple on pizza, that voice says these are bad. Got it.

What if things aren’t just good/bad, or black/white? What if you add in some grey in there?

That failure might have been a mistake you’ve learned from.

Being in need may or may not even be because of anything you did to cause it. Sometimes things just happen.

Who says you have to have a side-hustle? What if you just don’t want one? Maybe having one job meets your needs and you don’t have to kill yourself trying to juggle two or three.

Taking some time off from the self-improvement drive to celebrate the things you’ve already worked out, or just taking some time off from staring at yourself and enjoying life – both of these are great things!

There are few things in the world that are just “bad” and we pretty much know what they are.

Not trying at all, ever. Being in an abusive relationship. Doing things that harm yourself. Things of this nature are “bad.” The reason they are is that they lead to and reinforce negative self-views – the most limiting views ever.

So take quick stock today. Consider what you’re looking at in black and white. Blur that line between the two and look at the grey areas.

It’s a solid way to cut yourself some slack and practice a little self-compassion.


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