Motivational Monday: Remember When

On a rough day, it’s easy to get lost in the rush and stress and forget all the good you’ve experienced.

There’s power at your disposal. It’s stored in your memories.

Our past provides us with building material for our future, but we sometimes forget it’s there. Take a quick dive through your previous experiences.

Remember when you set that goal? Remember how passionate you were about it, and why you wanted it?

Remember when you got that unexpected word of encouragement? Remember it pushed you through a rough spot?

All over our memories are the things we need to handle whatever comes at us today. We can do it, because we’ve already done it in the past.

Grab on to those memories of success, the moments that shifted your world, and the instances you connected to a stronger piece of yourself than you knew you had.

Let them be the foundation and fuel for the future.

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