Freeform Friday: Update on HLOAS

Yes, I’ve finally reached the point of using an abbreviation. Half-Life of a Soul is too much to type all at once, especially when titling documents or discussing it in chat. So, HLOAS it is!

Lauren is finally aware that her granddaughter, Dani, is a lesbian. It’s not a problem for her, except the part about Dani being damned for it. Needless to say, Lauren now has a fire lit under her and it’ll keep her pressing forward for solutions to step outside of the available dichotomy of Heaven or Hell for the afterlife.

I’m excited to have reached this point in the story because it’s such a pivotal moment. Until now, Lauren has been trying to find a place she will feel comfortable for eternity. She has no desire to reincarnate, has become friends with the nymph, Amymone, and wants to stay in Elysium because she just likes it there.

Now she has a reason to find out how to open options for those who’re unfairly judged under the Christian framework.


Now we get to see what Lauren is really capable of when she sets her mind to a task.

Next up, Caleb and Lucifer need to have a conversation. It’s not going to be easy for either of them. Lucifer has never recovered from watching his family be destroyed in the flood. He and Caleb are basically best friends, so Lucifer is feeling pretty betrayed right now. How far will their friendship move Lucifer to show mercy on Caleb? How much animosity will his un-tended wounds create when Caleb asks Lucifer to spare Lauren?

We’ll have to see.

First I have to sacrifice Lauren to the horse god of a nomadic people and arrange for a rescue because Caleb might be good in a fight, but he doesn’t have the power to face off against a god, even a forgotten one. Ah, the work of a writer isn’t done until everyone dies.

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