Self-Care Saturday: Turn down the Invite

Weekends, the time when we’re not working the job that pays the bills. It’s supposed to be “time to rest” but so often, it isn’t.

We get invited to family functions, out with friends, and we don’t feel right turning down those invitations even if we sometimes feel like we don’t have the internal resources for another event.

Turn down an invite. Claim that time for yourself. I’ll add this caveat, because it’s especially relevant for me at this time. Don’t turn down an invitation if you know you’re feeling depressed and have begun to isolate yourself. You need the interactions with others. Fight the depression and go. You can always leave early if you want to.

At all other times, consider your needs. Have you had any down time or time for self-care in the past two weeks? Is the invitation for something important like a birthday party that won’t come around again right away?

Movies, a friendly visit for dinner, a hiking trip, and anything else that can happen any other weekend, turn it down this time. Instead of doing things, take the time to slow down and tend to yourself. It’s okay to do. If anyone asks why, tell them you just need a little time to recharge before the new workweek starts.

Once you turn the invitation down, make plans for yourself. Do something you enjoy and that feeds a part of your mind and body. There are self-care ideas all over the internet, and in this blog. Just pick one or two and spend a little time appreciating and caring for yourself.

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