Soothing Sunday: Clear your schedule

I’ve talked in several previous posts about how to get things done. I’ve gone over using small goals, using lists, and scheduling.

Today, we’re going to talk about clearing your schedule.

This isn’t taking a break, which ends when you have to go back and continue working on things. Nor is it abandoning what needs to be done.

Clearing your schedule in this case refers to completing all the tasks you need to complete, and not allowing any new ones to appear for a set time. It’s soothing because, how are you supposed to relax and enjoy a soothing activity if you still have things you have to do and they’re weighing on your mind?

This is a difficult thing for me to do. I like to stay busy. I’ve just lost a year to the whole long-covid mess. I have stuff I want to get done!

Clearing your schedule can be a thing you do on a daily basis, or you can completely clear everything and take a day off!

Here’s how it works. Get your lists and your schedule out. Break things into small goals. Set deadlines for when you’ll have them done.

And then, don’t schedule anything new. Whether you clear your schedule and enjoy the rest of the day, or clear it and take an entire week, clearing your schedule gives you a lot of soothing benefits.

You’ll have free time for things you enjoy. You’ll have space to do other soothing activities like meditating, reading, taking a walk, and so on. You’ll have the pride of knowing you completed all the things on time, as well!

There are few things I enjoy and fewer that leave me feeling capable of relaxing the way a cleared schedule does. I complete the tasks for the day and sit back, smile, and think, “Wow, I have x hours before I need to even think about bed. Oh, this is nice!”

Here are the rules for clearing your schedule:

  1. You have to be realistic about what you’ll accomplish when setting the goals.
  2. You may move items to another day as a part of rule 1.
  3. You must say no to anyone asking for help outside of what your schedule has on it until after you’ve cleared it.
  4. You may ask others for help.
  5. You may not add new items until you’ve completed what is already scheduled.

So, get out there, pick your day or days, and get those schedules cleared! Revel in the freedom once it is!

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