Newsletter Update/Sneak Peek!

The Command Center went out yesterday with the backstory for Half-Life of a Soul in it, right on schedule.

And straight into everyone’s spam folders.

Photo by Yan Krukov on

Yeah, that was about the reaction I had. “What? There is no way I marked myself as spam.” I checked with a friend, knowing she didn’t, and sure enough, she found me hiding in her spam folder as well.

I figured the issue out, but I’m waiting on support to get me a full resolution. So… I decided I’d just share the link to the newsletter itself.

This is a decent sample of what I send out each month. If you want to subscribe, you can do it here. As you see, it’s not a marketing list, it’s an actual newsletter. I include updates on myself and my writing, bonus content around the stories I’ve released, book reviews, and only have the one spot for those who might not have read my Salvation Triad. I also do random contests (very random, I just get the urge to do them and everyone subscribed gets a chance to win something fun).

I hope you enjoy it!

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