Soothing Sunday: Have a Friend for Dinner

I do advise against doing this in the Hannibal Lecter sense. It wouldn’t work well with what I’m suggesting.

Have you ever noticed that something different happens when we invite a friend for dinner? (Dinner, not a bowl of soup or a fast sandwich.) We may tidy up a bit, we put thought and care into our cooking. If the friend has a dietary restriction or allergy, we find a way around it. We might set the table instead of sitting on the couch with the TV. Then we serve our friend with pride, knowing our cooking was our best effort.

The bonus is spending time with a friend, the conversations that last forever, and the benefits of interacting with someone we like.

In the end, it turns the entire day into a soothing, uplifting experience. If you keep it small, one or two close friends, it doesn’t turn into a full size dinner party and a lot of strain.

It’s early yet. Who are you inviting? What are you serving?

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