Self-Care Saturday: Follow a Guided Meditation

Meditation is one of the things my therapists have pushed me to do throughout my years in therapy. If I’ve been away from therapy and go back, one of the first questions they ask is, “Do you meditate?”

I do. I don’t meditate daily, though I wish I had that kind of discipline. I do meditate quite frequently, though. The problem is, sometimes, it just gets boring.

When I feel a need or desire to meditate (yes, if you do it often enough you’ll feel an urge to meditate) but it sounds like something terribly dull, I use a guided meditation, or even a meditation video on YouTube.

Rather than elaborate in words, I’m going to share the links for you. There are so many options, if you don’t like mine, try your own!

Perfect for pulling you down from a panic attack.

This man’s voice is possibly more soothing than the meditation.

Beautiful scenes in motion and soft music. These work as guided meditation because they give your mind things to focus on. Just do your breathing while watching.

Comfortable sounds, a gorgeous scene (There are a LOT of this type out there)

If none of these work for you, try poking around and finding something that does! There are so many options available. Once you find something that helps you, make sure you bookmark it!

And next time we see our therapists we can all say “Yes, I meditated!” Hopefully they won’t pass out in shock.

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