Motivational Monday: Find a Hero

Our world is short on heroes in real life these days. I have a few theories why that has happened, but that isn’t the topic for today’s post. Instead I want to discuss the importance of having a hero.

When we were children, we looked up to others. It may have been a parent, a teacher, or someone else, but we saw them and wanted to be like that person when we grew up. Our reasons for this were as individual as ourselves. For that person, though, we would have walked through fire.

As teens and young adults, we shed that hero-worship view. It’s a normal part of growing up. But then a strange thing happens. We never find a new hero.

We might look at someone and think “Wow, this person has done some amazing things,” but we leave our hero pedestal vacant.

Having a hero can help your motivation because it gives you someone to look to for a roadmap. You can take a road trip without a map, but you won’t find the most direct route. You’ll waste time and energy, and who has either to spare?

A hero will also provide you with inspiration for the days when your motivation is low. They might look amazing, standing there at the finish line, waving to the world. You won’t see how hard they worked to get there, though. You won’t see the struggles in their personal lives and challenges they had to overcome unless you look.

I have two such heroes among authors. I had to read about them and learn more about the things they overcame in their personal and professional lives, but when I did, I realized, these two authors had already laid out a roadmap. They even left rest stops and fresh water along the way.

When I feel like things aren’t working out, fear I won’t be able to achieve something I want with my writing, or find myself getting stuck, I look at these two authors. I read one of their books, or even just a favorite part of one. I think about how they made it through that challenge.

Then I go back to my own story and use the map they’ve left to get myself to the next stage.

Sometimes their lives even inspire me in my life beyond writing.

Regardless of whether it’s writing, cooking, career, social, or even personal goals, having a hero can help you renew your motivation, plan your next move, and reach those goals. So go find yourself one, or however many you need. Heroes are collectible, you can have an entire set!

Just be sure not to bring home the actual people. Grave robbing and kidnapping are not legal.

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