Soothing Sunday: Notice what feels good

We can probably name three things we find uncomfortable without even thinking. What about three things that feel good? It’s not a bad thing for us to notice when things feel unpleasant. That’s just part of the fun cave-man wiring we still carry. We have that tendency to help us survive by avoiding the things that may injure us.

The down side is we’re not facing off with predators in the forest anymore, so having that innate ability to focus on what feels wrong isn’t as helpful and gets in the way of our functioning in the world we have now.

The challenge this week then, is to notice the things that feel good. Get a list of them built into your mind. Not only does this help you build resistance to stress, anxiety, and depression; it also gives you resources for when you need to soothe yourself.

Some examples from my own list:

  • Sunlight on my back
  • A breeze in my hair
  • Ice water
  • A cup of hot tea (I have a few herbal blends I enjoy greatly)
  • Remembering something happy/calming
  • Playing with ideas for stories
  • My bath robe
  • Stretching
  • Taking a walk while listening to music

My list has had a few years to grow, so it might be longer than yours. You might not like the taste of tea or prefer sketching to writing, that’s fine. The point is to find what helps you.

Learn what soothes you, keep the list in your mind, and next time you need a tool, it’ll be there waiting.

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