Top Skills Thursday: Get a check-up

Yes, I know, going to the doctor is a hassle. At the same time, if you don’t take care of your body, your brain can’t function. That’s why walking, deep breathing, and other physical actions are in the list of coping skills for anxiety and depression.

If you’re generally healthy, you may wonder why you’d need to see a doctor, and here are some of the reasons. If your doctor sees you when you’re healthy, they know what “normal” looks like for you. This has been helpful for me because my doctor can take one look at me and know I’m not functioning at normal levels. She was my greatest help through the battles with long-covid simply because she’s known me before then.

A doctor can order blood work. Also less fun, I know. Blood work checks the well-known items, like cholesterol levels, which are important. It can also run a panel for vitamin deficiencies.

Vitamin D deficiency causes depression, it’s in the list of symptoms. It also causes fatigue, which feels like depression.

Vitamin B12 deficiency causes fatigue and irritability.

Calcium, magnesium, and iron deficiency can cause insomnia, brain fog, and sluggishness.

Another thing a doctor can see with blood work is imbalances in hormone levels, which can cause a variety of symptoms including anxiety and depression.

The great news is that all of these things can be corrected very easily. A doctor will know how much of a vitamin you need to take, and for how long.

Please don’t race to the store and buy a string of vitamins on your own. Let a doctor find out how much you need so you don’t pump too much into your system and cause a different set of problems. Also, you could end up masking something a doctor would recognize, leading to larger issues in the future.

If you’re thirsty you get a drink, that’s an obvious signal our body gives us. Other signs are less obvious and need some insights.

Get your yearly physical. If you have medical anxiety, ask someone to help you through the process of scheduling and going. Find out what your body needs.

All information, content, and material of this website is for informational purposes only and are not intended to serve as a substitute for the consultation, diagnosis, and/or medical treatment of a qualified physician or healthcare provider.

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