Motivational Monday: Plan something for the future!

Nothing happens without a plan, or rather, nothing happens without a plan and dedication to that same plan.

The great thing about making plans is they give you something to look forward to! If you know a fun thing is coming, the harder pieces get a touch easier to get through. You don’t have to plan anything elaborate either. If you plan a small event, you gain practice in using this skill to keep yourself motivated.

Where I work, people have often kept photos of the things they want to accomplish. Pictures of cars, houses, sports, clothing, you name it; there are goals as varied as the people I work with. If I ask them, they have plans, and are working them. Where to start.

As I said, start small. Why not plan a picnic at a park you don’t usually visit? Get a couple friends to join you, or if you’re as introverted as I am, create a playlist just for yourself.

What about planning a game night? Board games, role-playing, video/computer games, everything is an option. Get your friends and make an event of it. Do a potluck meal, make sure everyone brings a blanket and pillow, and go until you drop.

If you’re someone who does this sort of planning, take the next step. Try planning a day trip with your friends.

Work your way up to planning larger things such as vacations, larger purchases, and so on. Planning is a skill and you have to learn it, just as you had to learn to read and write.

Start today. Monday is hard. Give yourself something to look forward to!

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