Soothing Sunday: Get a plant

I’ve heard people say that bringing a plant into their home is a death sentence for the plant. I am firmly of the belief that placement and plant type are important.

If you put a plant in the living room window, but you spend your time in another room, you won’t see it and yes, it’ll die. Natural lighting isn’t a requirement anymore. There are inexpensive, energy-efficient grow lights now. I use one on each of my house plants. They’re so happy it almost hurts! I mean, look at this plant. It has never stood up like this before. The lamp I’m using here was bought on Amazon for $16, but there are even bulbs you can use in your regular lamps.

Grow lamp over pothos

The other part of having plants is to choose one within your skill range. Some plants take more effort. I love orchids, but have yet to have success with them. Herbs are also famously difficult. Others love lower light, house-level humidity, don’t mind being ignored, and grow well in basic potting soil.

One of the most familiar among those is the pothos, as shown in the picture. Pothos are hardy little buggers. They’ll survive even if they look almost dead. If there’s anything that can take in water when you remember to put some one them, they’ll bounce back to life. They are excellent for air purification, too. I will say, this small one in my picture is from cuttings I made on the big pothos I have. Most of the ones you’ll find at a store are larger and not in this type of pot.

Not sure you’d water even this one? What about a succulent? Aloe plants are a type of succulent you can use. They clean the air, provide burn relief, and can be eaten. (Really! Do a quick Google search on using aloe leaves and you’ll be as surprised as I was!) Best yet, they only need water once a month to survive.

There are so many options out there. If you go to a nursery and explain what you’re looking for, someone will make good suggestions for you. Just remember that first tip, put it where you see it all the time.

Caring for a plant gives you the benefit of having that spot of life, a little buddy who doesn’t need walks or special treatment, and cleans the air in your home, too. All of these are soothing and given the lifespan of a plant, very cheap. Just be warned. Once you gain a little confidence in caring for a plant, you’ll start collecting them. Consider your space, skill level, and time to care for them so you don’t overwhelm yourself.

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One thought on “Soothing Sunday: Get a plant

  1. This is an awesome post, Kambry! It’s so funny because I JUST bought some houseplants this morning and I was worried about killing them (by accident – happens every time, lol) and I think your tips will help me! Thanks!

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