Self-Care Saturday: Wander

Wandering is more than taking a walk through a familiar neighborhood. Wandering is heading out, no destination or plan, just going.

You may end up in a place you know well, or find somewhere new. You may see the familiar through new eyes.

Wandering is my favorite mode for taking photos. I also find new shops. Because I’m paying attention to my surroundings in a way I haven’t before, I’ve discovered many things about the city I didn’t notice before.

One example is near downtown. There are benches covered in bright mosaics along one part of the sidewalk. The area is set up on a corner, and it’s just a neat, but not much-used rest stop. While wandering I found a plaque with a dedication on it. What it said isn’t important, but the fact that I’d been too busy to see it before was.

Plan a day, put the phone on do not disturb, and wander. Whether by car, bus, train, or on foot, go have an adventure!

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