Freeform Friday: Dear Future Me

Dear Future Me,

I’m proud of how I’ve handled the last few years. Between a pandemic, personal health crises (yep, all of them), and a manager who is in desperate need of leadership training, I’ve held up well! I haven’t stopped looking for that path forward.

Now, it’s time for a change, and I know that. In fact, it’s time for a few changes.

I hope I’ll make the right decisions in all of this. There are so many options in project management, and not all companies are the same. I remember the one that looked great but treated everyone like slave labor. I want to find you a position with a company that will allow forward movement without having to go back to the job hunt every couple of years. I want to find a position that will allow you to have the savings and such you need to live a comfortable life.

I want to keep working on the Half-life of a Soul series and get that finished, too. I really believe this series will be our breakthrough and set us up to write full time, with an income we can live on plus some. I hope that when you read this, my faith has been substantiated. There are so many other stories to tell, going full-time as an author is the only way they’ll get to happen!

If you’re at the point of deciding to go indie or trad pub, remember to look at what the market is doing right now. Don’t look at just the leaders, look at the whole picture. Choose the course that will open the doors. Both options are valid, and each has risks. I believe in your ability to make this decision.

I’ll keep working from here, you be ready to carry on. Build from the foundations I’m laying. Make the house of our dreams.

See you then,


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