Motivational Monday: Claim your Wins

Isn’t it easy to get bogged down when every day feels like a repeat of the one before? Isn’t it easy to feel trapped, helpless, and unable to find a way forward?

On days where that sense of stasis gets to be a little more than I can bear, I like to take a moment to look at things I’ve accomplished.Rather than list my things, let’s look at yours. What have you done that you aren’t claiming?

Did you finish reading that monster classic that no one else cares about? Awesome! Those books can be a hard grind to get through at many points. You’ve shown perseverance.

Did you complete the course you started on the free online classroom? That’s pretty amazing! You’ve built a new skill! Congrats!

What things have you done to build yourself? Literally anything you’ve done to improve your mind, body, or spirit counts.

Make a list, go back as far as you want. Remember, this isn’t about what you can market in a job hunt or use to get a promotion. These things may help you get there but only because they enhance the parts of you that make you a good candidate in the first place.

Read that list. Think about how you felt proud of yourself, what your goals were in achieving each item you wrote down. Really let yourself sink into the moment you completed them.

Now, feel a little less stagnant? I’ll bet you do.

Keep looking for your wins in your work and personal life. It’ll help you see opportunities for yourself where you never imagined they’d be.

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