Soothing Sunday: Fur Therapy

I don’t think I have to tell anyone with a pet about the incredible power of snuggling or playing with your companion. There is something about animals that just seems designed to calm a troubled mind and heart.

I have always loved animals, of all sorts. Currently I have a cat, (who is convinced that flopping her head against my thigh will make me stop typing and pay attention to her) and a dog, (who will shortly be dragging me around for her morning walk.) I benefit from each, though in different ways.

When I didn’t have animals, I still found ways to get my fur therapy when I needed it.

Did you know most humane societies are desperate for volunteers to come and play with the animals in the shelters? Even if you don’t want to volunteer, you can go and visit with an animal any time you like. They benefit from having human interaction, you benefit from getting your fur therapy, and everyone gets to be happy.

Today, get yourself some fur therapy. Bury your face in the fur of your pet. Spend a few extra minutes brushing their coat. Break out the fresh catnip and let your cat go insane over the teaser. Or, if you don’t have pets, find an adoption center that is open and swing through for a visit. Take a few treats for a pup who is waiting for their new home and get yourself some slobbery kisses.

However you go about it, get yourself some fur therapy. Don’t worry that they’ll tell your secrets, they can’t. They just love you no matter how rough you feel.

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