Soothing Sunday: Take a Break

I had thought about doing a different topic for today, but instead everyone is about to learn a fun fact about this blog.

Everything I post about skills to take care of your mental health is usually related to what I’m doing that day or what I’ve done recently!

Today, I’m taking a break, which is why this post is getting published later than my normal schedule.

Taking a break is a good way to refresh your mind, your energy, and even your enthusiasm for a project. My week was very long, not bad, just long. When I woke up today, I said to myself, “I need some actual down time, very badly.”

Instead of dealing with social media and such today, as I generally do on Sundays, I’m going to have a friend over this afternoon. I talked with my daughter who lives out of state and we’re going to start a project together soon. I’m probably not doing much else.

Wherever you are in the world, join me. Take a break, do things you enjoy, recharge those batteries!

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