Self-Care Saturday: Do Something Different

Ever find yourself going through the day, or a string of days, just feeling blah about everything? Not really depressed, you’ve learned enough about depression to see it’s not that feeling. It’s still kicking the shine off of things you usually enjoy, though, and maybe a bit irritating when you can’t find something to really get into.

Yes, there’s a sure sign it’s time to do something different!

Let’s look at the “rules” about doing something different. 1) It can’t be something you know will cause stress.

2) It can’t be part of your daily or weekly routine.

3) It helps most if it’s something you keep saying you want to do and then don’t do.

4) It can’t be something that will harm you. (So no spending the rent check on a shopping spree, no drugs or alcohol, no damaging relationships.)

5) It can’t be something that will harm someone else. (See above.)

6) It can’t be something you’ll regret later.

When I’ve gone looking for a way to break out of the routine and shake the dust off my brain, I’ve often found ways that are simple, often overlooked, require minimal effort, and no cost. Examples? Sure!

Brew a cup of your favorite tea. Put it in a travel mug and go sit at the park. Let a music service suggest new music to you and just listen to it. Or, take a book, maybe a new author, and read.

If you take walks, take a new route. Pay attention to what you see, note the differences around you. Remember to engage sight, sound, and scent. If you’re in an area with street vendors, add in your sense of taste. (Otherwise you might have problems. People get cranky if you lick their cars.)

Can’t leave home? Oh have I got a good one for you!

Find a recipe that uses things you have on hand. Something you haven’t made in a long time or something that you’ve never made. You can even use web sites that will let you enter your ingredients and suggest recipes for you. I’ve had some surprisingly good mixes come out of those sites when I was sure there was no way to use the things I had to make anything I wanted.


Think through it, find a new thing to do, and go have a mini-adventure! Your mind will be refreshed and the daily routines will have been shaken up a bit. You’ll get rid of that “not-depressed-but-hating-the-world” feeling in a jiffy!




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